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Your better option in computer services for your business!


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 C.P. María Addiego Alatorre.

     Mérida Phone Off. (999) 286-9150

      Progreso Phone Off. (999) 308-3739 

     Cel. Phone: 9991-726302

     MSN&email: maddiego2004@hotmail.com

Tech Support: 

  Ing. Guillermo Castillo Ávila.

     email: gcastilloa@computronicamx.com











If in your business:

  • Pay high amount of money for printer & small copier ink and toner cartridges.
  •  Need a fully tech & finance asesory for adquire printer equipment (Free!).
  • Your actual provider sell you a cartridges marking low level of toner, not paint very well, with lines or shadows, and other fails and not give you a real warranty.


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